As well for other logistic arias, like sorting machines, special (sea) containers, truck lorry’s and so on.

We also can supply the Cargo Castors including parts as above in all dimensions.  

Information about our sales concept

We have a unique sales concept, we only concentrate us on big accounts and we only keep stock when the customer guarantees us to buy it.


Due this concept we can keep our overhead costs very low, we do not need many employees, expensive IT systems and big warehouses which are mainly needed for small customers.


All these saving we pass directly to our customers.


We have a partnership in Asia where we produce your products according your demands and European approvals.

In these we do the same as our competitors, due the expensive hands in west Europe almost all of them manufacture their products in Asia.


We do the same, but due our lower overhead costs

We supply you the right castor against the right price level.